Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Twas the first day of the new year and what should I see...but a blog post uploaded by procrastinating me!

For the first time in many years, I have set out goals for this new year.  I have spent part of the day working on them, too.  From an email inbox of more than 8,000 items (yes, you read that right), I have honed it down to about 10% of that.  Yes, there are more to go, but now it feels more manageable.  Probably because it is...  I will soon be turning my attention to the desk and attempting to whip it into shape.  

Last night was my third Hogmanay.  I decided that there did not need to be 75,001 on Princes Street in Edinburgh, so stayed home where it was warm and quiet.  I missed my cousins Jerry and Mary Hilton, who had been with me last year.  Instead, it was calm with Asher (now 14 years old -- my little old man), Anna (three years with me now), Timothy, and Coco, who experienced her first new year in the house.

So what is on the list of goals for the year?  The usual -- exercise.  Following FLYLady.  Being more organised.  

Then the less usual -- my third MoonWalk in June.  Scheduling holidays (I haven't been very good about that).  Perhaps most significant, writing at least 15 minutes a day.  What I hope will happen with the last one is twofold -- more frequent blog posts and the recording of some  of the stories that many of you have encouraged me to write down.  While I am not yet convinced I have interesting things to say, I am game if you are.

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  1. Of course we're game! Interesting that we have turned back to our blogs at the same time, aye? Looking forward to the adventure that is sure to be 2013. Here's tae us...wha's like us?