Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It Comes in Threes

They -- whoever "they" are -- say that all things come in threes.  "They" don't specify which of the "all things" they mean.  Still, three is appropriate for this month when it comes to the Odyssey.

Three years ago today, I boarded a plane for Edinburgh.  Armed with my passport, copies of what I had submitted to the Church of Scotland Ministries Council, and a large cup of coffee, I was headed to my interview with the Church Assessors.  These fearsome people would decide whether or not I would go any further in pursuing the dream I had.

I was to meet with three people.  Two were to be the actual Assessors. One would be the Psychologist, who (presumably) would assure the others that I was not an axe murderer in a clergy collar, something I was not accustomed to wearing, in any case.  Turns out they weren't nearly as fearsome as I had feared.  I was thankful at least three times over.

Well, (rather obviously) they said yes to my request.  I have lived in three accommodations now -- two flats and one manse.  My three pets agree that the manse is best because it has a huge yard (garden, for my UK friends) to roam in.  I have planted three blackberry bushes (brambles, again for my UK friends) which will bear fruit sometime in 2013.  

I have been through three (okay, 2.5, since this one isn't quite over yet -- but who's counting) winters.  Two of them were nasty.  This one hasn't been so bad.

And since you are probably now tired of my milking the number 3 for this post, I will simply add a picture of a double rainbow, taken last summer on Schiehallion and let it rest.

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