Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Anniversary (Version 1)

Happy Anniversary to me!

One year ago today, 11 February 2009, I was here in Edinburgh.  I interviewed with the Church Assessors of the Church of Scotland and with the psychologist that day, taking the second huge step toward moving (the first had been actually sending in the application).

So what has happened in the past year, after that interview?  Let's see...

I met Sam and Scot for the first time (see last year's blog).

I came home, had a very bad cold, and lost my voice for two weeks -- meaning that I couldn't even preach.

I decided that I would truly go through with this!  The recommendation came from the Church Assessors that I be accepted and I was -- then I decided that I really, truly was going to make a move to another country.

I finished the interim ministry I had done for two years in Woodstock, Georgia, going out with a bang with a surprise party the folks there organized that even included a piper.

I packed up my house and put all kinds of things in storage.

I tried to sell my house, no one wanted it, so I signed on with a rental agent.

I packed my house.

I said goodbye to Miss Gretchen.

I packed my house and put all kinds of things in storage.

I said goodbye to lots of people and tried to explain to some of them why on earth I wanted to move all the way to Scotland, why I didn't have an end date to this odyssey, and what I would be doing.

I packed my house.

I bought a one-way ticket to Edinburgh.

I packed my bags and said a temporary good-bye to my boys Asher, Joseph, and Timothy.

I.  Got.  On.  A.  Plane.  (Still wondering if I was actually doing this)

I said hello to the folks at St. Anne's Parish Church.

I said a joyous hello to my boys Asher, Joseph, and Timothy -- and a tragic goodbye to Joseph only two weeks later.

I said hello to some new friends.

I bought a car and began to drive on the left side of the road.

I said hello to Anna, my new girl.

I am in the midst of saying hello to the folks of Winchburgh and Abercorn.

It has now been just over six months since I arrived and there are times that I am still surprised that I am here.  I drive past a view of Edinburgh Castle several times a week and smile with the wonder of it all. 

It has been quite a year.

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