Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monday, Monday; Tuesday, Tuesday

With the Gathering behind us all, I decided it was time to begin to settle in for real. I first went to T-Mobile to set up mobile broadband so that I could get online again. Then it was off to the main bus station office to find out about bus passes. There is an excellent public transportation system here, so I don't have to worry about a car just yet. That is good, because it means I have time to become accustomed to having cars come at me from the other direction before I have to learn to drive with them!

I have discovered that post offices here do a lot more than just post mail. They will exchange money for you and a lot of other things. That was where did my dollar exchange.

When I got home, ready to add to my blog, I found out that I had to prove that I was over 18 to access it! My new mobile broadband service automatically blocks adult-content or user-generated websites until you unlock it. So, Tuesday I was back to the store to prove that I was indeed a grown-up who needed access to her own blog. Was I over 18? Yes, only by 30 years. Sigh.

I spent some time Monday night surfing the web, trying to wind down and get somewhat settled in. Then came Tuesday.

Tuesday couldn't seem to decide whether it would be rainy or sunny, so it was both. I left the flat in the afternoon to run a few more errands, primarily to the T-Mobile store to make sure I could be a grown-up. Then I took my first major bus trip -- I found my way to the Ikea store which is south of Edinburgh. I found some lovely folks who made sure that I got off at the correct stop. I wandered around for a little while, feeling the familiarity. I made a small purchase -- a lap desk from which I write just now, a good sized glass, and a large coffee cup. The ones supplied in the flat just weren't big enough for the coffee I drink!

I made my way back into the city and made my way to Tesco, one of the major supermarkets. I spent a good bit of time there trying to figure out what could use. One thing I have discovered. Powdered cocoa and sugar-free anything are not really to be found. I did find the cocoa at one store, but not at Tesco. I miss the Trader Joe's sugar-free dark chocolate! Did you know that if you have a pay as you go phone, you can top up the balance at the supermarket check out?

Anyway, I spent a good bit of time Tuesday night looking for apartments that might accept pets. I went to bed after sending several emails, hoping that one of them would take. We will soon see.

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  1. It is nice that they think you are under 18 - what a nice compliment!! No one thinks I look that young any more. Glad you are enjoying Scotland. Sue